Friday, March 4, 2011

Rainy Days

What is it about rainy days that makes us so... bleh...?

Is it the sound that the rain makes as it hits against the side of the window? The greyness in the sky, causing our minds to become just as overcast as it is outside.

Rainy days always make me become lazy, I would even go as far to say that they make me even more introverted than usual. I don't enjoy the rain, and I don't want to sound too fickle when I say this, but mainly because it messes up my hair... and my shoes... besides, who likes being all wet anyway!

I understand that humans are in fact waterproof, and this is quite an amazing fact, but I feel no need to flaunt this amazingness every time that droplets of water start falling from the sky.

A few of my friends enjoy the rain, listening to the thunder as it comes crashing down upon the earth, but I feel that it is something that I could do without... it brings me down, however I guess it makes me introspective as well, and without rain, I wouldn't have this post. I'll try to write another post later, possibly when the sun has once again returned to the world.

What are your thoughts on rain?

Thanks for reading, peace.


  1. I like the rain when it hasnt rained in a while. Its a good excuse just to chill out all day and read or play xbox haha

  2. if it storms, i like rain. if not, i could do without

  3. dude i love rainy days, there is almost nothing better than watching it all come down while sparking a bowl. i love it.

    keep up the good posts though

  4. I my self enjoy rainy days.Just sit there eating a hot meal listening to the rain.Also I like rainy nights the best because I fall to sleep faster.

  5. I like rainy nights actually
    hearing the rain is just soothing while falling asleep
    And Rainy days not really
    I live in the south so
    Usually after rain comes the sun
    the hot hot sun
    and everything gets humid and its just awful
    but I love it when its Cloudy and Windy with the feeling that its going to rain but it doesnt
    I like it when mother nature teases me

  6. I love rainy days, rain makes me want to go do something awesome. If its a sunny day I just sit around and mope, fuck I hate the sun...

  7. It rained here today.
    I like the rain every once in a while, but when it doesn't stop, it really starts to gets old.

  8. This post just makes me want to go on my holiday sooner, haha

  9. Rain makes me want to damn up the gutters like when I was a kid.

  10. rainy days good to play minecraft ^^

  11. Oh, come on now. Rainy days rock!!! :-D

  12. I love rain, sometimes even more than I like the sun. It's really relaxing to watch it rain.

  13. If you never knew, surfing in the rain is very pleasant.